MIH Team

MIH Group is managed by a team of professionals qualified in various disciplines of management like marketing, procurement, finance, engineering, risks & audits and brand management. With a combined total of decades’ worth of experience, the team is well equipped with industry expertise and practical know-how.

On top of that, they have worked in different parts of the world for a multitude of FMCG as well as trading companies. The experiences and insights gained from these experiences help us to tackle the many challenges in today’s competitive business world.

We also maintain a diverse workforce in which the different contributions made by all employees, through the variety of their personalities and perspectives, create a stimulating working environment.

The entire MIH team is a vital of asset of the company because they hold the key to its future. Under Mr. Marwan Hael Saeed’s stewardship, the company has a clearly defined business philosophy to elevate it to be better tomorrow than what it is today. ‘Think Ahead, Stay Ahead’ is the cornerstone of the company’s foundation, which empowers us to come together to achieve industry-leading results.