FMCG – Products

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is our core business that has helped established MIH as one of the major players in the industry. Hence, we are well placed to provide high quality FMCG products to a large consumer base propagated in many regions of the world. Brand development is our main objective, which spans across a diverse range of products in the FMCG sector catering to consumer requirements in various fast-developing markets across the globe, with a special focus on Africa and the Middle East. Some of our FMCG products are rice, dairy, canned food, detergent, palm oil, personal care and baby products. Among the brands that have been developed at MIH are Wiam, Beryl, Tanza, Sunstone, Bronco, White Harvest, Morganite and SooCozy.




Wiam and White Harvest are our brands for dairy products. Its product lineup consists of instant milk powder, condensed milk, evaporated milk as well as infant milk formula. These products are made in New Zealand from the freshest cow’s milk available so that our consumers are assured of the best quality in dairy goods.

Food Products



Tanza and Yummato are our brands for commodity-based food products and canned food. Its comprehensive product range features rice, broad bean, kidney bean, green peas, tuna, instant noodles and tomato paste. All Tanza products are produced in a strict quality controlled environment adhering to HAACP and GMP guidelines so that our consumers can enjoy premium quality and nutritious products.

Cleaning Products

Beryl is our brand for household care products. It comprises of dishwashing detergents, cream cleansers, surface cleaners and various detergent powders. Beryl products are formulated to be robust and effective cleaning agents in removing tough and stubborn stains from clothes as well as surfaces.

Packed Oil Products


Morganite is our brand for quality cooking oils that have beta-carotene, vitamin E and omega-3. Our trusted cooking oil products also have zero cholesterol with non-trans fatty acid components. Morganite is available in many sizes that cater to all consumer requirements.

Energy Drinks

Bronco is our brand for energy drinks. With high quality ingredients, Bronco energizes and revitalizes when you are in need of a boost. Bronco offers its energy drinks in carbonated as well as non-carbonated formulation.


Baby Diapers

Soocozy is our brand for disposable baby diapers that guarantees a baby’s comfort day and night. It is manufactured with special features such as ultra soft breathable cloth-like for maximum air circulation, wetness indicator and stretch-fit waistband. SooCozy is the ideal disposable baby diapers for parents.


Personal Care

Sunstone is our brand of personal care beauty soap. It comprises of 4 types of soap; Lemon Blitz, White Innocence, Pink Blush and Tranquil Ocean. Sunstone beauty soap provides a refreshing, soothing and invigorating feeling to your bathing experience.